Custom Furniture Connection | Nicaragua

Whenever an entrepreneur comes to our country to invest in our eco-tourism, he found himself in awe with the tropical beauty we have. This person wants to furnish resorts and hotels with the local furniture makers, but they generally pick for the not so fancy and the most delayed in time option. But then, they realize that what they are looking for is: is the best choice in the wooden furniture business in Nicaragua. Lolo Morales is best known for its quality, the most reasonable prices and delivery on time. It’s as easy as it sounds.

At the beginnings of the 80’s we have been collaborating directly with national investors as well as foreigners oriented in developing tourism projects. Our prestige for over more than three decades now are known for the best artisanal quality made by hand furniture, our greatest prices and our personalized treatment with our clients owner-owner deal; this has made our furniture business custom made efficient. Today, we are the leaders in the finest wood-furniture in Nicaragua. Believer or not.

Don’t get confused nor let yourself cheat your way out, go straight to your trusted manufacturer.

Lolo Morales is the solution to your furnishing problem in Nicaragua!

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